Deluxe Styling Set
Deluxe Styling Set
Salt Grooming Hybrid Hair - Premium organic clay wax hybrid styling compound for men
Salt Grooming Compound Clay - Organic max hold hair clay for men

Deluxe Styling Set

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The ultimate styling collection.

All three of our unique styling innovations, offering maximum versatility to create styles for any and all occasions.

Use our Marine Mist volumising sea salt spray as a prestyler before creating and finishing your look with our Hybrid Hair, Compound Clay, or both.

All products were expertly crafted by Britain's leading scientists, using the world’s finest ingredients and most advanced production techniques to ensure optimum purity and performance.

Set contains 1 x Marine Mist (200ml) + 1 x Hybrid Hair (50ml) + 1 x Compound Clay (50ml)

    Hybrid Hair - A premium lightweight hybrid styling compound that delivers all the benefits of wax and clay whilst nourishing the hair and scalp. All-day hold with a natural finish.

    Compound Clay - A powerful organic pure clay blend of bentonite and kaolin for maximum hold without added shine. Infused with vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts to nourish the scalp and support healthy hair growth.
    Marine Mist - A premium lightweight sea salt spray formulated with natural and organic actives, offering effortless volume, grip, and texture whilst nourishing the hair and scalp. Instantly boost volume and add strength and definition to every strand with just a few sprays.

    Apply 4-5 sprays Marine Mist evenly to clean, damp hair and work through with hands or a comb from roots to tips. Use a hairdryer to blow hair into shape or let air dry for a more natural look.
    Next, take a small amount of Hybrid Hair or Compound Clay and rub between your palms thoroughly to warm it up. Work through hair from roots to tips, then style as desired. Apply more product if necessary until you achieve the style and hold you’re looking for.