Men's Hair Styling Products

Men's Hair Styling Products

Our curated, award-winning range of premium men's hair styling products is crafted to suit all hair types and styles – including yours.

Years in the making, each styling product represents a best-in-class example of its category, created with only the finest natural and certified organic ingredients. Shop our highly sought-after Hybrid Hair compound and more from the range below.



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Salt Grooming Hybrid Hair - Premium organic clay wax hybrid styling compound for men
Hybrid Hair
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Salt Grooming - High quality hair clay and sea salt spray for men
Premium lightweight volumising sea salt spray for men - Salt Grooming Marine Mist
Marine Mist
Sale priceFrom £15.99
Salt Grooming Compound Clay - Organic max hold hair clay for men
Compound Clay
Sale priceFrom £19.99
Standing up to the big-name labels, Salt Grooming has made a reputation for its commitment to high-testing standards, modern sensibilities, and tight-edit of products.

Quality Without Compromise

We’ve established ourselves as one of the leading brands pushing the boundaries of men’s haircare and styling product innovation.

Our curated range of premium essentials are developed one by one over the course of years, manufactured using the most advanced techniques to ensure optimum purity and performance.

Premium-Quality Men's Hair Styling Products

Our curated range of premium men's hair styling essentials are developed one by one over the course of years, manufactured using the most advanced techniques to ensure optimum purity and performance for your hair.


For a natural look, we recommend lightweight styling products such as clays, like our Hybrid Hair, texturising creams, or sea salt sprays, like our Marine Mist. Generally, these products provide more of a natural or matte finish and give hair a natural, relaxed appearance.

The best men’s hair styling products for a strong hold are hair gels, pomades, and waxes. These products provide maximum hold and control and are great for creating structured hairstyles like slick backs or quiffs. Our Hybrid Hair styling compound combines the benefits of clay and wax without weighing down the hair, making it a great option for a strong hold with natural movement.

Lightweight products like sea salt sprays, texturising creams, or mousse are best for thinning or fine hair.

These products provide a light hold that keeps the hair in place without weighing it down or making it look greasy, as well as boosting volume and increasing thickness.

Our Marine Mist sea salt spray is the ultimate styling product for fine hair, using unrefined sea salt and Pro-Vitamin B5 to add texture and volume.

How often men should use hair styling products depends on the product and their hair type. Generally, it's best to use styling products sparingly and as needed. Using too much product too often can weigh hair down and cause build-up.

That being said, our collection of styling products is formulated to be lightweight and non-greasy, making them suitable for daily use.

Yes, almost all styling products can be used on wet hair. Be mindful, though, that adding products to hair when wet will provide a different finish compared to applying products to dry hair.

Generally, you will experience a higher level of shine if you apply products to your hair when wet.

Overusing any styling product and using it too often can cause build-up and weigh hair down, which can make it appear limp and lifeless. However, when used in moderation and as directed, styling products should not cause damage to hair.

Pair this guidance with regular use of shampoo and conditioners that contain gentle cleansing agents for an optimum hair health routine.