About Us


Developed by people who take pride in their morning routine and the craft of grooming.

SALT GROOMING is driven by an honest approach to simplicity and quality. When we came up with the idea for the brand, we felt that haircare and grooming was becoming too complex. Countless variations of products online and on shelves that all claim to do the same thing but with different labels. We wanted to make things easier.


Keeping true to our ethos of simplicity, our name originates from the very active ingredient that you can find in Hybrid Hair – our founding product – and all of our products to come. This active ingredient isn’t just your average table salt though. It’s unrefined Atlantic rock salt.

Think back to those summer holidays where your hair seemed to adopt a new-found texture and volume; this is due to unrefined sea salt which draws out the hairs’ excess oils and grease whilst leaving behind valuable minerals and nutrients. We applied this science to our premium range of products which all contain unrefined sea salt as an active ingredient, for thicker, healthier hair.