Should Men Condition Their Hair? The Answer is Yes

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In a world where men's grooming is no longer an afterthought but an essential facet of modern life, understanding the basics can be a game-changer. One of those basics is learning how to condition your hair – and yes, men should be conditioning their hair. 


Welcome to your go-to guide that debunks the myths and lays down the facts about hair conditioning for men. This isn't just another article – it explores one of the most overlooked yet critical aspects of men's grooming. 


We're not only talking about soft, manageable hair. We're diving into the science of why it works, the transformative power of a proper conditioner, and how it can redefine your hair game.


So, whether you're battling frizz, tackling dryness, or simply looking to elevate your daily grooming routine, we've got you covered. It's time to discover the profound impact that conditioning can have on the health, texture, and strength of your hair.


Let's unlock the potential that lies atop your head. 

The Struggles of Finding Quality Men’s Conditioners

During my short-haired phase, my conditioner know-how was limited to TV ads promising luscious locks from waterfalls and dramatic fruit slices.


Like many, I tried 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners, such as Pert Plus and Head & Shoulders, only to find inconsistent results and never quite achieve the desired look. And those subpar hair days eroded my confidence.


Hair isn't about vanity; it's about showcasing your best, brightest, and most confident self. 


A good hairstyle warrants accurate first impressions, so taking control of how you look allows you to make them count.


That's where conditioner comes in – lotion for your hair.

What Does Hair Conditioner Do for Men?

Much like lotion keeps your skin supple, conditioner breathes life into your hair by combating dryness and frizz. 


Regular shampooing, exposure to sun, chlorine, saltwater, and heat from blow-drying can strip your hair of its natural oils, making it dry and frizzy. For those with grey hair, losing natural oils due to ageing leads to wiry, poofy hair. 


This is where conditioner steps in, imparting moisture and shine to your hair and making it easier to comb. Introducing it to your standard hair care routine can change everything.

5 Reasons Why Men Should Use Conditioner

Using conditioner brings a wealth of benefits to your hair. We could create a long list encompassing all these advantages, but here are five of the most important reasons why men should use conditioner:

1) Conditioner Keeps Your Hair Moisturised

Like we mentioned earlier, conditioner acts as a moisturiser for your hair. The ingredients used in conditioner formulas help the hair retain natural moisture, making your locks hydrated and combatting dryness.


You’ll benefit from this massively if you have naturally dry or thick hair because these hair types need more hydration to keep them healthy and prevent breakage.


The same goes with curly, coily or kinky hair types – conditioner helps them stay hydrated and nourished, keeping the hair strands healthy and retaining curl pattern.

2) Helps Protect Against Environmental Pollutants

It might not be something you’ve ever considered before, but the stuff in the air has a huge effect on our hair. Pollution and exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause split ends, dryness, breakage and discolouration.

Sun damage can come in the form of discoloration, dry and brittle strands, broken or split ends, thinning and frizziness” – Wilma Bergfeld, MD, Cleveland Clinic

Using a conditioner helps protect your locks from environmental pollutants by sealing your hair cuticles (the outer layer of your hair strands). This helps to lock in hydration and keep out damaging elements.

3) Makes Hair Easier to Style & Manage

Styling your hair is a whole lot easier when your hair works with you. We’ve all had those days where our hair just won’t cooperate. Conditioners can help with this, as they soften and smoothen the hair, resulting in much more manageable strands.


Soft hair is much easier to comb and style into the desired look. In addition, conditioners add slip, which helps reduce breakage when styling and brushing, as well as minimising friction against your scalp. 

4) Helps Hide Fine or Thinning Hair

Thickening conditioners that contain ingredients like caffeine make thinning hair appear thicker and fuller. Without getting into the nitty gritty science behind it, ingredients like caffeine can target and inhibit certain hormones responsible for hair loss. This allows your strands to grow, resulting in fuller, thicker hair growth.


When partnered with a shampoo, conditioners can also increase the volume of your hair, which is great for masking any thinning or balding.

5) Conditioner Adds Nutrients Back into Your Hair

When we wash or style our hair, it’s natural for our hair to lose some of its nutrients in the process. This is why using conditioner can be so beneficial – it helps replenish the lost minerals and vitamins back into your strands. 


Conditioners are generally formulated with specific ingredients that help do this, such as vitamin B5, which helps strengthen and repair hair follicles.

Choosing the Best Hair Conditioner for Men

Let's start at the beginning with the very first step of actually choosing a conditioner to work with. 


As you've probably seen in your local store or when shopping online, the sheer variety available is immense, ranging from rinse-out conditioners to leave-in versions and, of course, 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners.


But what conditioner do you actually need?


Consider the following:

Know Your Hair Type: The first step is understanding your hair type. Is it oily, dry, or normal? Each type requires a different level of moisture. Oily hair may need a lighter conditioner, while dry hair often benefits from a deep-conditioning formula.


Understand Your Hair Concerns: What issues do you face with your hair? Is it frizzy? Do you have split ends or breakage? Or perhaps it's dullness that troubles you? Look for conditioners specifically designed to address these concerns.


Check the Ingredients: Always check the ingredients list. Try to avoid conditioners that contain sulphates and parabens, as these can strip natural oils and potentially harm your hair over time. Instead, opt for products enriched with natural ingredients.


Trial and Error: Finding the perfect conditioner requires a little bit of trial and error. Start with smaller sizes or samples and experiment with different brands and formulations until you find one that works best for you.

The Different Types of Hair Conditioners for Men

Your typical liquid conditioners are the standard choice, to be applied during a shower and rinsed off after a few minutes. These give your hair an immediate smooth and shiny appearance.


Leave-in conditioners are one of the secrets to keeping your hair looking healthy all day. These are applied and then left in the hair overnight. They come in two variants – spray and cream. Spray versions are easier to apply and distribute, while creams give your hair a shiny, supple feel. But be careful – creams can sometimes weigh down your hair and even cause breakouts due to their high oil content.


The 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner options are a time-saving solution but don't provide the full benefits of a dedicated conditioner. While suitable for short hair, these aren't optimal for longer, frizz-prone hair.

What Men’s Conditioner Do We Recommend?

But even though there are all these different hair conditioner options, that doesn’t mean you need to use all of them. In fact, the best results are achieved by using one product tailored to you.


Our recommendation? It’s our Thickening Conditioner.


We’ve curated an advanced formula that’s specifically designed to nourish your hair and give you thicker, fuller locks – no matter your hair type. Using a combination of some of the finest natural ingredients and scientific breakthroughs, our Thickening Conditioner has been carefully formulated with all-important caffeine and vitamin B5, amongst more rare but powerful ingredients, including red clover leaf and saw palmetto.


There’s no need for stacks upon stacks of conditioners cluttering up your bathroom shelf either – you can get the best result from our one super-product. But we do recommend using it alongside our Thickening Shampoo for maximum results.

How to Use Hair Conditioner for Men

Once you've grabbed your conditioner, it's time to put it to good use. And it’s really simple.

Step 1) Shampoo Your Hair

Before conditioner comes shampoo. Jump in the shower and saturate your hair. Apply a palm-sized amount of shampoo and create a lather between your hands.


Massage the shampoo into your hair, making sure to get right down to the scalp.


Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2) Condition Your Hair

Once your shampoo is entirely washed out (and that is a really important step to avoid greasy hair), apply a small amount of conditioner into your palm, rubbing your hands together to spread it evenly.


Focus the product mainly on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, avoiding your scalp.


Leave for a minute or two before rinsing.

How Often Should Men Use Conditioner?

Our Thickening Conditioner is suitable for everyday use, so you can use it during every hair wash day. However, it’s typically recommended that men wash their hair no more than 3 times a week unless needed.


If you have particularly dry hair, you’ll find conditioning more frequently beneficial. Alternatively, if you have oily hair or scalp, then we suggest using conditioner less often.

Final Thoughts

So, to answer the question of whether or not men should use conditioner – the answer is yes, men should use conditioner. 


Men’s hair needs just as much hydration and nourishment as women’s, and using a good quality men’s conditioner helps to boost the health of your scalp and hair. We’ve specially formulated our Thickening Shampoo with your hair needs in mind, and it’s proven to make hair thicker, stronger and healthier. 


Shop our essential men’s hair care today and head over to our blog for more men’s hair tips and styling advice.


Should Guys Shampoo or Condition Every Day?

It mostly depends on your hair type, but generally, washing your hair with product 3 times a week is recommended. If you have dry hair, you might want to condition it more often. On the flip side, men with oily hair might benefit from conditioning less and shampooing more. Build up a routine that works for your hair.

What Happens if You Don’t Condition Your Hair?

Foregoing conditioner could lead to dry, brittle hair that's prone to breakage. Your hair will also become more exposed to elements such as wind and sun damage. Applying a conditioner helps to add moisture back into the hair, making it soft and glossy while also protecting it from damaging environmental factors.

Is it Okay to Skip Shampoo and Just Condition?

Yes, you can use conditioner without shampooing your hair. No harm will come to your hair, but you won’t see the same benefits as when you use both together. Shampooing helps to remove dirt, oil, and product buildup from your hair, leaving it feeling clean and refreshed. Conditioner is then used to nourish the hair with moisture, making it soft and glossy.

Can You Use Too Much Conditioner?

You can definitely use too much conditioner; same with any product. If you apply too much conditioner, it’ll leave your hair feeling greasy and weighed down. You’ll also find you have to wash it sooner. Only use a pea-sized amount of conditioner to begin, and apply a little more if you need better coverage.

If you have applied too much conditioner, rinse out the product thoroughly and go back in with your shampoo.

Piers Le Moignan

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