Men’s Curly Hair: The Ultimate Style Guide 2024

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Curly hair is a unique and eye-catching style that many men are beginning to embrace. In the past five years, 42% more males had curly hair, according to a 2,000-person survey.


We men need to know how to style their curls more than ever as they embrace their natural hair.


This article provides an ultimate guide on styling and caring for men’s curly hair in 2023 and beyond.


Due to its structure, bounce, and inclination to frizz or lose shape throughout the day, men's curly hair is difficult to style. It takes practice to develop amazing curl styles that last all day without looking oily or weighted down by product.


Hydration, blow drying, shaping, diffusers, and scrunching are essential for success.


This style guide also provides detailed advice on selecting haircuts suited to individual face shapes; tips for choosing the right haircut length; essential methods for everyday maintenance; recommended tools and products; helpful tricks for achieving different styles; secrets from top industry professionals on how they manage their clients' curls; and more!


Read on to learn how to style your hair like an expert, regardless of curl type.

Types Of Curly hair

Curly hair on men can be wavy, curled, or kinky. Curls depend on strand form and moisture retention.


Wavy curls tend to be softer with more subtle bends in their texture. Coiled curls are typically tighter and have an overall springier look. Kinky curls are denser and appear more tightly wound than both wavy and coiled styles.


Properly caring for men’s curly hair will ensure its healthiest state possible while also helping maintain existing styling options.


This includes shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments, clays, sprays, and more designed for this hair type. Avoid heat while styling; air dry or diffuse with cool air only.


Split ends can cause damage, thus trims every 6-8 weeks are recommended.


Experimenting with different hair product combinations and techniques might help guys with curly hair find what works best for them.


Any curl pattern can be beautiful with patience, practice, and care.

Styling Products For Curly Hair

Curly hair requires specific products. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose. Here are some top-rated men's curly hair style products to help you decide:

Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner: These shampoos and conditioners gently wash with argan oil and honey extract. They soften curls without frizz or flyaways.

Styling Creams: The perfect cream can keep curls looking great all day. Find lightweight formulas that hold curls without weighing them down.

Leave-in Conditioner: This cream moisturizes and protects curls from blow drying and other hot equipment. It’s also great for taming frizz and providing extra hydration throughout the day.

Finally, if you're not sure what product is ideal for your hair type, ask a curly hair stylist. They may recommend companies based on your needs.

Best Tools For Styling Curly Hair

Curly hair requires special care and attention, which is why it’s important to use the right tools when styling. 


The best curly hair styling tools are those that allow for gentle detangling and hydration without causing breakage or damage.


To get started on your journey to perfect curls, here are some of the most essential tools for curly-haired men:

Hair Dryer

A high-quality hair dryer is essential for managing curly hair. Look for models with adjustable heat settings and airflow speeds. 


Additionally, use a diffuser attachment to help distribute the airflow more evenly across strands and reduce frizzing.

Wide Tooth Comb

Wide tooth combs are ideal for gently detangling thick or tightly coiled curls. 


Avoid using brushes as these can pull at delicate hairs, leading to potential breakage. Instead, opt for wider-spaced teeth combs designed for textured hair types such as Afro-Caribbean or Mediterranean locks.

Curl Cream/Gel

Curl creams and gels are a must for long-lasting definition in curls. 


When applied correctly, they add moisture, shine, and hold – creating healthy-looking styles that last all day long! Be sure to select products suited to your specific curl type.


Using these key items regularly will ensure well-defined curls that look their best every time you style them!


From hydrating shampoos and conditioners to specific cutting techniques, each step contributes to healthy, long-lasting results.

How To Cut And Style Curly Hair

Cutting and styling curly hair can be a daunting task for many men. 


However, with the right techniques and tools at hand, it is possible to achieve great results. 


When cutting curly hair, there are five key steps that should be taken:

Selecting the Right Cut: A good cut will help enhance your natural curls while maintaining their shape. The most popular cuts for curly hair include fades, layers and tapers.

Preparing the Hair: Detangle hair knots using a wide-toothed comb or brush before cutting. You should also shampoo and condition the hair beforehand if needed.

Cutting Curly Hair: Sharp scissors allow exact control over curl length and shape. Avoid razor blades as these can damage delicate strands of hair.

Moving from Back to Front: Trim split ends at the rear of your head before shaping around your face. This way, you won't mistakenly cut more when focusing on the front of your haircut.

Blending Layers Together: Blend different curl lengths with thinning shears for a seamless look. Experiment with different amounts of texture until you get the desired result.

Styling Curl Hair: After cutting, creams or mousse can define and maintain curls without weighing them down. Apply product to damp hair, air dry or diffuse for volume and bounce.

With careful preparation and attention to detail, anyone can become an expert in cutting and styling men’s curly hair.

Clipper-Cutting Techniques For Curly Hair

Creating the perfect hairstyle for men with curly hair involves mastering techniques that are both an art and a science. 


Clipper-cutting is an essential skill to ensure the final look lives up to expectations.


By following key steps, it’s possible to achieve stunning results every time.


Step One - The first step in clipper-cutting curly hair is to dampen it so that it can be managed more easily. Afterward, use a wide-toothed comb or brush to detangle all knots and smooth out any frizziness.


Step Two - Then select your desired length before beginning the cutting process. It’s important to start at one corner of the head and work systematically around until you reach the other side.


Step Three - Cut from top to bottom, using short strokes against the grain of the curl pattern for maximum precision.


To create texture and volume, use thinning scissors on select scalp areas without overworking them. This helps retain curl definition while maintaining thickness throughout the cut.


Traditional trimmers should be handled carefully due to their sharp blades and tendency to break finer hairs.


Step Four - After clipping, carefully brush fingers through locks to redistribute product and check for anything else.


With these tips in mind, a stylish haircut tailored specifically for men with curly hair can now become a reality!

Styling Tips For Different Lengths Of Curly Hair

Men's curly hair is styled differently based on length.


Short-curly-hair is often more difficult to style because of its limited range of options. Short curls can look stylish with light hold products, close sides, and some length on top.


This can create an attractive contrast between the shorter sides and longer top that will give your hairstyle more dimension.


Medium-curly hair can be styled and lengthened to suit your face and personality. Tousled waves or textured layers are easy to maintain and add volume and texture.


Additionally, keeping the ends trimmed frequently can help prevent frizziness from occurring over time.


Long curly hair can become dry and brittle if not properly cared for, so styling it takes time. Leave-in conditioners after showering assist seal moisture into long curls without weighting them down.


Use heat protectant sprays before blow drying or straightening to avoid damaging delicate strands.


Knowing how to care for and style curly hair is essential for trying new looks. Anyone can learn which products and techniques work best for their curl pattern with practice.

How To Maintain Healthy Curls

Maintaining healthy and beautiful curls is a priority for men with curly hair. Recent studies show that 87% of curly-haired males suffer scalp health issues owing to dehydration and product misuse.


Use curly hair products and keep your scalp hydrated to retain healthy curls.


Look for curl-enhancing shampoos, conditioners, and styling chemicals that match your curl pattern.


Leave-in conditioners and deep conditioning treatments can lock in moisture and shape hair. Natural oils nourish the scalp and soften curls.


Coconut oil or argan oil are great options because they penetrate deeply into the follicles without causing buildup on top of the head.


Regular salon or barbershop checks are vital for scalp health. If your scalp is dry or itchy, these experts can prescribe treatments.


With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go with showstopping curls!

Benefits Of Natural Oils And Butters

Natural oils and butters have become popular ingredients in men’s curly hair styling products due to their nourishing properties. 


Natural oils are derived from plants, while natural butters are made up of fatty acids obtained from plant sources.


Both offer a range of benefits to help keep curly hair hydrated and looking healthy.


Natural oils moisturise men's curly hair without making it greasy. They prevent the scalp from moisture loss, detangle, and reduce frizz.


To maximize these benefits, it is important to choose the right oil for your particular curl type, texture and needs.


For example, jojoba oil works best for people with fine curls, coconut oil can be used to add volume to thicker curls and olive oil provides maximum hydration and shine.


When it comes to styling naturally curly hair, natural butters provide great hold without compromising softness or adding any crunchiness. Shea butter is particularly beneficial since its rich consistency not only seals in moisture but also adds sheen thanks to its vitamin A content.


When used with additional moisturizing products like leave-in conditioners or creams, cocoa butter seals strands against dry winter air.


In summary, both natural oils and butters offer multiple advantages when it comes to caring for men’s curly hair. 


Used together they form a powerful combination that will ensure optimum hydration levels which result in healthier looking and more manageable curls year round.

The Latest Trends In Men’s Hairstyles

As the trends in men’s hairstyles continuously evolve, it can be difficult to keep up. From classic cuts to edgy looks, there is an array of styling options for those with a mane full of curls.


The latest men's curly hairstyle trends are taking over and creating inspiring style ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd no matter what your hair type is.


The first trend on everyone’s radar this season is the grown-out crop cut – a timeless look perfect for any occasion. This versatile men's hairstyle gives off an effortless vibe while still having a neat finish; allowing you to experiment with different lengths for added texture.


To complete the look, simply add some light product such wax or clay to enhance natural definition and soften flyaways.


Textured waves also remain popular among men’s haircuts, especially when combined with tousled layers and long side bangs. For maximum impact, use a curling iron or sea salt spray to give extra shape and volume without compromising thickness.


If you want something more adventurous, try an undercut and highlights in hues that complement your skin tone!


Healthy hair care habits like deep conditioning and nourishing oils are essential no matter your style.

Popular Celebrity Styles With Curly Hair

Curly hair has become a staple in the world of celebrity hairstyles. 


A trend that continues to emerge is the use of curls and waves for a range of styles. Whether it’s an Afro, tight spiral curls or looser beachy waves, celebrities are embracing their natural texture and using it to create statement looks.


Hollywood stars like Billy Porter have been credited with bringing back voluminous curly styles into vogue. He opted for big ringlets at the 2019 Golden Globe awards which set the stage for many other male actors to follow suit.


Other celebrities such as actor Justin Theroux and singer Harry Styles have taken traditional masculine haircuts and added some bouncy curl definition by utilizing texturizing products and styling tools.


The key takeaway from popular celebrity styles featuring curly hair is that there is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to styling curly locks.


With so many options available, men can explore different ways to work with their natural texture and find what works best for them.


By experimenting with new looks they will be able to find a style that truly reflects their personality and sense of fashion.

Professional Advice On Wearing A Beard Or Mustache With Curly Hair

The concept of combining a beard or mustache with curly hair can be quite daunting for many men.


For years, it has been thought that facial hair did not go well with this type of hairstyle; however, the truth is that there are several ways to pull off such a look successfully.


With the right combination and maintenance, sporting a beard or mustache with curly locks can give your overall appearance an air of sophistication and confidence.


Firstly, when considering growing out facial hair while having curls, you should take into account the shape of your face as well as its length. For instance, if you have short-to-medium length curly hair, then opting for a longer style beard would balance out your features nicely whilst providing volume to create an attractive silhouette.


On the other hand, those who prefer shorter styles may want to opt for either sideburns or even just some stubble coupled with their curly mane.


Secondly, don’t forget about upkeep! Keeping your facial hair neat and trim will make all the difference in how good you look wearing both at once – so set aside time each day to groom yourself accordingly.


This includes using specific tools like scissors and trimmers which are suited towards maintaining certain types of curls on moustaches and beards alike.


Doing this also gives you more control over styling; allowing you to choose whichever design best suits and complements your entire aesthetic.


In summary: Growing out a beard or moustache alongside curly hair requires patience but can result in an effortlessly stylish look when done correctly. To achieve success here means taking into consideration factors like face shape and length before deciding what kind of facial hair to sport - plus ensuring regular grooming afterwards.

What To Avoid When Styling Your Curls

When styling men’s curly hair, there are several things to avoid in order to maintain and protect your luscious locks. Heat should be avoided as it can cause dryness, damage, and breakage of the curls.


Over-brushing is also something that should be avoided when styling curlies; this will lead to frizziness and an overworked look. 


Chemical treatments such as relaxers or perms have been known to strip away natural oils from the scalp which can cause serious damage if used too often.


It is recommended that men with naturally curly hair use specialized products designed specifically for their type of hair while avoiding any product containing alcohol or other harsh ingredients.


Additionally, a wide-tooth comb should be used on wet hair after applying conditioner in order to detangle without causing too much friction on the strands. 


To finish off your style, you may choose light-hold gels or creams specifically formulated for curl definition and/or moisturizing properties.


By following these guidelines when styling your curls, you will ensure healthy hair growth and development while still looking stylish!

Maintenance Tips For Long-Lasting Styles

styling mens long curly hair

Maintaining men’s curly hair can be a challenge, but it is possible to keep your curls looking their best with some simple steps. 


According to recent studies, approximately 60% of men have curly or wavy hair, making them the majority when it comes to hairstyles.


To make sure that you maintain your style for long-lasting results, here are some tips:

Curl-Reviving: Regular shampooing and conditioning will help revive any limp strands and give life back into your curl pattern. Additionally using a deep conditioner every three weeks helps nourish locks from root to tip, resulting in soft and manageable curls.

Curl-Defining: After showering, use styling products specifically designed for curlies such as creams, gels, mousses and sprays which provide definition without weighing down spirals. Furthermore applying an anti-frizz serum after blow drying prevents frizz caused by humidity while adding shine at the same time.

Frizz-Preventing: Avoid heat styling tools where possible as these tend to dry out locks quickly leading to increased breakage and split ends. Instead, opt for air drying whenever feasible or try twist-outs or bantu knots on damp hair to achieve similar styles with less damage. 


Finally, regular trims should also be part of your routine since trimming away damaged ends encourages healthy growth over time.

Taking care of men’s curly hair is essential in order to maintain beautiful tresses all year round; however, with a few simple steps outlined above you can enjoy confident ringlets whether they are tight coils or loose waves!

Add Volume And Shine To Your Look With These Tricks

When it comes to styling men’s curly hair, one of the most sought-after looks is a full and healthy head of curls. 


To achieve this look, many turn to products that are specially formulated to add volume and shine. 


In this blog, we'll explore some of the best products and techniques to help you achieve the perfect curly hairstyle.

Curl Enhancing and Shine Products

Curl-enhancing products can help define and separate each curl while providing extra hold throughout the day. 


This can be especially beneficial for those with thicker or coarser hair textures as these types often require more product in order to maintain definition. 


Shine-enhancing products work by smoothing out frizziness and helping give a sleek finish when styling. These products are generally lightweight so they won’t weigh down your locks and cause them to lose their shape either.


Techniques for Enhancing Your Style

In addition to using specific products, there are also some techniques you can use to further enhance your style. 


Scrunching is an excellent method for creating texture without having to use too much product, which makes it ideal for fine or thinning hair types who don’t want their curls weighed down with heavy creams or gels.


Twisting individual sections before drying will create added volume and depth, making each strand stand out even more. Finger combing is another great way to add body and movement, creating a voluminous yet natural-looking style that lasts all day long.

Finding the Right Balance

Finally, remember not to overdo it on the curling products—a little goes a long way! 


Start with small amounts at first and gradually increase the amount if needed until desired results are achieved. If necessary, reapply during the day if needed but try not to overload your strands; otherwise, you could end up damaging your delicate curls instead of boosting them up.


With just a few simple steps along with the right kind of care and attention, you'll have beautiful styled curls that last well into the night!

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New!

As the old adage goes, ‘A change is as good as a rest’. And when it comes to men’s curly hair styling in 2023, this certainly rings true!


Experimenting with bold cuts and innovative looks can be incredibly rewarding; if you take the plunge and try something new, you may find an exciting style that really suits your look.


So don’t be shy - here are 3 tips on how to achieve success:

Invest in quality products – Investing in high-quality hair care products will not only add definition to your curls but make them easier to manage. Quality styling products and conditioners will help lock in moisture and give your hair added shine for a professional finish.

Be daring – Don’t be afraid of making mistakes! Try out different color combinations or styles that push boundaries – explore options outside your comfort zone and see what works best for you. Remember, even if one style doesn’t turn out the way you intended, there’s always another opportunity around the corner!

Seek advice from professionals – When trying something new, it helps to have someone experienced by your side. Talking to a barber or stylist about what kind of cut or color would suit you best is essential for achieving desired results. They can also offer guidance on how to maintain any bolder looks so that they last longer.

By taking these steps, experimentation should become second nature for those looking for fresh ideas when styling their locks.


Embracing the unknown opens up endless possibilities for creating truly eye-catching looks through playful colours, edgy cuts, or unique textures.


Maintaining stylish curly hair can be a challenge, but with the right products and tools, you can create eye-catching looks that stand out from the crowd.


By understanding your curl type and following expert tips for cutting and styling, you’ll have no trouble getting creative with your style. 


Keep in mind these simple yet timeless maintenance tips to keep your look fresh day after day: use quality products specifically designed for curls, limit heat exposure, and make sure to protect your hair when sleeping or exercising.


When it comes to styling men’s curly hair, don’t be afraid to try something new! 


From modern clipper-cutting techniques to adding volume and shine through special tricks of the trade, today’s savvy stylist has all sorts of options available at their fingertips.


With some trial and error as well as an eye towards innovation, you’ll soon find a signature style that will turn heads wherever you go.

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