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10 Celeb-Inspired Low Maintenance Hairstyles for Men & How to Do Them

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If there's any group of people we trust to keep their hair game on point, it's the A-listers. And what's better than a trendy 'do? One that takes (nearly) zero effort to style – and we've got your dose of inspiration.


It's a fair point to make that we don't all have a celebrity hairstylist like Charlie Cullen on our starred contacts list to hit up when our trim needs sorting out. But not all hairstyles need constant touching up – there are plenty of easy-to-manage hairstyles that'll keep you looking effortlessly cool in between hair wash days.


We've rounded up our Pinterest boards and saved Instagram posts to bring you a list of the best low-maintenance haircuts for men inspired by all our favourite celebs. Screenshot these pictures or bookmark this post for when you're in need of some trim-spiration.

Timothée Chalamet's Curly Bedhead Hairstyle

Timothée Chalamet

American-French actor Timothée (which is actually pronounced Tim-o-tay, funnily enough) has been all over the silver screen and social media channels as of late, and not just because of his great acting chops. His bouncy, natural curls and bedhead aesthetic is a hit with guys everywhere, and we think the effortless-edge look is anything but boring.


If you already have medium-length curly locks, you won't need to do much more other than define your curls with a Sea Salt Spray or styling compound. But if you have naturally straight hair, a little more work will be required (only a little).

How to Get the Bedhead Hairstyle

Step 1) Wash your hair using a good quality shampoo and conditioner, ensuring to thoroughly rinse out the products.

Step 2) Lightly dry your hair using a microfibre towel, but don't dry completely – your hair needs to be damp for the styling products.

Step 3) Use a sea salt spray, like our Marine Mist, and apply 4-5 spritzes to your hair, covering evenly.

Step 4) Work through your hair by gently scrunching.

Step 5) Take a small amount of a styling compound (our Hybrid Hair works really well here) and work this through your hair, too. You can define the texture by focusing more product on certain areas.

Step 6) Use a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment to dry your hair.


Bonus step: If you feel like your curls are lacking that Timothée-esque style, use a curling wand to define the texture.

Sam Claflin's Effortless Messy Hairstyle

Sam Claflin

Ipswich's very own Sam Claflin is the master of effortless styling. The Hunger Games and Peaky Blinders star often opts for messy, lived-in hairstyles, which is exactly what we're looking for.


All you need to do here is give your damp hair a good spritz with a sea salt spray and work it through your hair. Gently scrunch and tousle to create a disheveled look, and leave your mop to air dry.

Michael B Jordan's Suave Close Crop

Michael B Jordan

If you're willing to chop off your locks in the name of style, a close-buzzed crop like Michael B Jordan's is definitely worth the change. He goes for a mid-fade and keeps it short on top for a sharper, low-maintenance haircut.


Speak to your barber to figure out the best way to recreate this look, or experiment with different fades and lengths to find a style that works for you.

Jung Kook's Wolf Cut

Jung Kook

Another haircut at the top of this year's trending list is the wolf cut. K-pop star Jung Kook has been sporting this look for some time. It's a shorter cut with layers and choppy ends, often worn with long curtain bangs.


This one is really easy to style, too. After washing, apply a little product to smooth your hair back and slick down any flyaways – and you're good to go.

Jason Mamoa's Iconic Messy Man Bun

Jason Mamoa

Love them or hate them, man buns aren't going anywhere. At least, Jason Mamoa is still clinging to his.


If you're lucky enough to have long hair, you can re-create the actor's signature look very easily by using a hair tie to create the pineapple bun style.


Create a ponytail positioned on the back of your head, and as you're pulling your locks through the hair tie the last time, only pull your hair partway through to create the bun. 


Once it's in place, slightly tug at your hair to shape the bun and make sure it looks messy.


This only takes a minute or two to do, and it'll stay in place all day – a truly low-effort hairstyle.

Lewis Hamilton's Braided Ponytail

Lewis Hamilton

Seven-time Formula 1 world champion (or eight-time, depending on who you're asking) Lewis Hamilton is no stranger to looking great in the Paddock. He's more often than not sporting his signature braids tied up in a mid-height ponytail, and we think this is a great look for styling coily or curly hair.


Arguably, the braids aren't effortless since you'll need your barber (or someone who knows how to braid) to help you out, which can be a lengthy process. But they'll usually last up to 8 weeks, so this is great in the long run. 


As for the ponytail, grab yourself a hair tie and loosely tie your hair back behind your head.

Justin Timberlake's Modern Pompadour 'do

Justin Timberlake

A pompadour hairdo is always a classic, and we can take inspiration from JT's look. 


His slicked-back, modern pompadour is great if you're headed to a smarter, more formal occasion, like a wedding or even for work. You'll need to have medium-length hair to achieve the exact same hairstyle as Justin's, but it can still work on shorter hair.

How to Do a Pompadour Hairstyle

Step 1) Wash your hair using a thickening shampoo and conditioner, like our advanced formula – the volume boost you'll get from these products will help with styling.


Step 2) Lightly towel-dry your hair.


Step 3) Take a small amount of our Hybrid Hair compound and work through your damp hair.


Step 4) Blow dry your hair upside down on a low heat setting (apply a heat protectant beforehand, too). As you dry your hair, use a comb to brush your hair backward away from your face.


Step 5) Go back into your styling compound and apply a small amount to your hair, smoothing as you go.


Step 6) Push your hair slightly forward to create a fuller, rounder shape at the front of your head.


Step 7) Use hairspray for extra hold.

Henry Cavill's Wavy Quiff

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is definitely up there as one of the A-listers with the best hairstyles, and his wavy quiff is a major part of his signature look. One that's really easy to recreate, too. We think this works great for both everyday and formal occasions, which is a win-win.


All you'll need to do is create texture in your hair – our Marine Mist sea salt spray works great for this wavy hair style – brush the majority of your hair back, pulling a piece from the front to create a quiff. You can use a styling compound to hold the piece of hair in place, too.

Paul Mescal's Mullet

Paul Mescal

Mullets are back, and they've been in for a little while now. And someone who's been taking full advantage of this trend is Paul Mescal. His 'mini mullet' look has been everywhere lately, and it's definitely one we can get on board with.


You'll likely need to undergo the chop to achieve the full effect, but it's worth it. You can create the messy waves on top with a texturising spray, and that's all there is to it.

David Beckham's Slicked-Back & Voluminous Hairstyle

David Beckham

It wouldn't be a best hairstyles list if we didn't include Becks. Over the years, we've seen him sport every hairstyle under the sun, but his current slicked-back voluminous quiff is one of our favourites.


You'll need to follow a similar method to achieving a pompadour, but rather than slicking it back, you want to give your hair more of a side-sweep, creating a deep side parting.


Take inspiration from these 10 iconic celeb 'dos and use them to create your own easy-to-manage hairstyles. And while you're at it, be sure to grab yourself our premium styling and hair care products to help you perfect the look.


For more men’s hairstyling tips and tricks, check out the rest of our blog.


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