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10 Best Men's Haircuts for Curly Hair Inspired By Celebrities

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One of the great things about having naturally curly hair is the variety of haircuts and styles you can try out. 

From a classic messy bedhead look to suave short afros, curly hair is versatile and can be styled in many different ways. If you want to switch up your regular go-to style, we've got some inspiration to help you out.

But apart from just looking good, getting your curly mop cut in the right way can help tame frizz, define your curls, and make your hair more manageable. Depending on the type of curls you have, different haircuts can work best for you and your unique texture.

To help you find the perfect cut for your curly locks, we've rounded up the best curly hairstyles for men inspired by some of our favourite celebrities.

#1 Long Curly Fringe

As seen on American singer and actor Joe Jonas, this long curly fringe is a great option for men with longer, looser curls. The length on top allows for versatility in styling, whether you want to pull it back or let it flow freely.

This cut also works well for those with a receding hairline, as the longer fringe can help to cover any thinning areas.

He's also parted his fringe in a messy curtains style, which adds a touch of edginess to the look.

How to Get a Curly Fringe Haircut

If you want to achieve a similar look to Joe Jonas, you'll first and foremost need the length to be able to pull it off.

Book an appointment with your barber and let them know that you want to grow your locks – they'll be able to cut your hair as it grows to ensure it stays the right length for a curly fringe.

Cutting in layers is also key to this hair as they will help your curls to fall naturally and create volume.

When it comes to styling your waves, a good quality styling compound will help to define your curls and add texture to your fringe. A product that also provides hold will ensure your fringe stays in place all day.

Our Hybrid Hair is a fantastic, versatile styling product that works great for curly and wavy hair.

Formulated with premium, organic ingredients, like Icelandic Bentonite Clay, Arabian Aloe Vera, and British Beeswax, it provides both hold and texture to your locks, while simultaneously nourishing your scalp and strands. It supports the growth of healthy hair and gives you great styling control.

To use, simply take a small amount of product and warm between your palms. You can apply it to freshly washed, damp hair or dry hair, and style as desired.

For a more piecey and defined look, apply the product to specific sections, twisting and scrunching as you go. This will create separation and definition for each curl or wave.

#2 Messy Curly Quiff

If you prefer to keep your curls out of your face, a shorter curly quiff like this one seen on Brody Jenner is a great choice. He's kept a longer length on the sides, which gives a more balanced and neat appearance overall.

You could also choose to go shorter on the sides with a fade or taper for a more modern take on this style.

#3 Coily Quiff

Coily hair with tighter curls can also look great styled in a quiff. This style, as seen on Corbin Bleu, has a lot of texture and volume, which adds dimension to the overall look.

He's also swept his curls to one side, which works well with his widow's peak hairline.

#4 Bleached Afro

British F1 Sir Lewis Hamilton usually wears his hair in close braids for race day, but during the off-season, we often see him let his hair loose (literally).

Here, he's rocked a faded bleached afro styled with a bucket hat, which gives off a casual vibe.

#5 Swept-Back Waves

Nick Jonas (singer, actor, and younger brother to Joe Jonas) has always been known for his effortlessly cool style, and his hair is no exception. He's styled his hair in a swept-back, slightly messy wave, adding lots of volume and texture to his look.

#6 Long Loose Curls

If you don't want to spend a lot of time styling your locks, keeping them loose and natural can look just as stylish.

Take inspiration from Fin Wolfhard (star of Stranger Things), who rocks long, loose curls. His 80s-inspired look is perfect for those with longer hair and adds a laid-back, retro vibe.

How to Add Volume to Curly Hair

One of the keys to achieving loose, messy curls like Fin's is to get as much volume as possible. You'll want to work on building up the volume at the roots first before moving on to curling your hair.

Washing your hair with a volumising shampoo will help to add texture and body, making styling a lot easier later on. Unlike regular shampoo, a volumising product will contain ingredients that can plump up your hair for extra thickness.

For example, our Thickening Shampoo provides fuller, thicker-looking hair using powerful natural ingredients like Gingko Biloba, Saw Palmetto, and Caffeine.

As well as visibly improving the appearance of your hair, it also helps to prevent male pattern hair loss by blocking the production of DHT and other enzymes responsible for hair thinning.

Another trick to adding volume is blow-drying your hair upside down. Rather than directing the hot air downwards on your scalp, flipping your head upside down will allow the heat to lift your roots and create more volume.

#7 Short Afro

A neatly cropped afro, like Alfred Enoch's style, is a great look if you want to keep your coily hair short. This style exudes confidence and showcases your natural texture without needing much styling.

#8 Skin Fade Undercut

Luke Trotman's opted for a skin fade undercut, where the sides and back of his hair are shaved close to the scalp, while keeping his coils on top longer. He's also braved the bleach, creating a contrast that makes his curls stand out even more.

We think this is a cool summer look, and cutting your curls shorter will be a great way to manage them in the heat.

#9 Twisted Braids

Abel Tesfaye (or The Weeknd) is well-known for his distinct image, and his twisted braids back in 2022 were no exception. His medium-length hair was twisted and braided, creating an easy-going but trendy look.

Braids are a great way to keep your curls out of your face and can be styled in various ways. From cornrows to box braids, there are endless options that’ll suit different hair lengths and textures.

#10 Surfer Waves

The surfer hairstyle is all about effortless cool, and Matthew McConaughey's wavy locks perfectly capture that laid-back vibe. This style works best for those with longer hair, as the length helps to create that surfer look.

How to Get a Surfer Hairstyle

You don't necessarily need to have naturally curly or wavy hair to achieve this look – you can use texturising products to create that beachy wave effect.

After washing your hair with a good-quality shampoo and conditioner, use a sea salt spray to add texture to your locks.

Simply spray it onto damp hair and scrunch your locks to encourage the waves. Use pulse scrunching and use splayed fingers to tousle your hair at the roots, which will enhance the volume.

Our Marine Mist sea salt spray works brilliantly for getting this hairstyle. Unlike other texturising salt sprays, Marine Mist has a high salt density and contains natural minerals to help create a more defined wave.

We've used Unrefined Atlantic Sea Salt in our formulation, alongside Pro-Vitamin B5, to provide lightweight texture while strengthening your hair and adding natural shine.

These ingredients are powerful styling aids that enhance your hair's natural texture without leaving any sticky or greasy residue, perfect for creating a tousled beachy look.

Read more about how to get the surfer hairstyle in our latest style guide.

Summary: The Best Curly Hairstyles for Men in 2024

Whether you want to try out a new everyday 'do, or you're looking for a special occasion style, there are plenty of cool curly haircuts for men that are sure to fit your brief. Take inspiration from our top looks above to find the perfect style for you.

If you want more styling advice on how to best care for your curly hair, make sure to check out our curly hairstyle guide, where we delve into even more tips and tricks for achieving the perfect curly hairstyle.


Is Curly Hair Better Short or Long?

This comes down to personal preference and factors like face shape, personal style, and hair texture. Some people find that shorter curly haircuts are easier to manage and style, while others prefer the versatility of longer curls.

Longer curly hair may take a little more effort to maintain, but your curl pattern may be more defined, and you'll have more styling options than with shorter hair.

How Should a Barber Cut Curly Hair?

Cutting curly hair will depend on the type of curls you have. For example, type 2 hair, or wavy hair, will benefit from layers and texturising to enhance the natural texture.

On the other hand, type 3 and 4 hair, which are more tightly coiled, may need to be cut in a way that allows the curls to fall naturally and evenly. A barber who is experienced in cutting curly hair will be able to assess your curl type and recommend the best cutting technique for you.

Is Curly Hair Harder to Cut?

Curly hair should be cut differently from straight hair, as the natural texture of curls can make it harder to achieve a precise cut. The shape and bounce of curls can also make it more challenging to evenly distribute the weight of the hair.

While it's not more difficult to cut curly hair, you will definitely benefit from having a barber who knows how to work with your specific curl type.

What is the Best Short Haircut for Curly Hair for Men?

A short afro is a popular haircut for men with coily or kinky hair. A fade undercut is another popular haircut that works with natural curls and waves.

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