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The length of our hair is one of the defining features of our appearance, and for many men, it holds a great deal of importance. But what is actually considered long, short, or medium hair?

Being able to communicate to your barber or stylist the exact length you want can make all the difference in achieving your desired outcome – the better you can articulate, the better your stylist can execute.

But with so many terms out there – buzz cut, pompadour, bowl cut, the list goes on – it's no wonder things can get a little confusing. We're going to break things down and delve into what exactly different hair lengths look like so you can confidently ask for the cut you want.

Men’s Hair Length Chart

Hair Length
Hair Length in Inches
Popular Hairstyles


Up to 2 inches

Buzzcut, crew cut, Caesar cut, textured crop, taper fade


2 to 4 inches

Mullet, bedhead, undercut, combover, pompadour


Anything below the chin

Man bun, braids, slicked-back, waves

What is Considered Short Hair for Men?

The length of short hair can vary, but usually, anywhere up to 2 inches in length is considered short hair for men.

Short haircuts can range from close to the scalp to a few inches in length, with some men opting for a close buzz cut while others prefer a bit more length for styling purposes.

Popular Men's Short Hairstyles

From a conservative crew cut to a trendy textured crop, there are many short hairstyles for men. 

In fact, a crew cut is one of the most popular in the 'short hairstyles' category, featuring short hair on the sides and back, with slightly longer hair on top that can be styled in different ways. A sharp skin fade and shaping on the sides is usually the go-to choice for a clean look.

A buzzcut is even shorter than a crew cut, featuring hair that is clipped close to the scalp for an ultra-short look. We've seen celebrities like Tom Holland, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and even Becks brave the buzz.

For men with naturally curly or coily hair, a short textured haircut is a great option. This style features layers and texture on top to enhance the natural curl pattern while keeping the sides and back short.

Who Does Short Hair Suit?

Short hair looks great on just about any man, regardless of age or face shape. You might find that certain short styles will flatter your specific features more than others, but overall, short hair is a versatile and flattering choice for most men.

For those with square faces, a buzzcut can help to soften angular features and create a more balanced appearance. And for those with round faces, a textured crop or short fringe can add height and lengthen the face.

Short hair also works well for men with thinning hair or receding hairlines, as it can create the illusion of thicker hair and make the hairline less noticeable when the hair is styled forward.

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What is Considered Medium Hair for Men?

Medium hair for men is more your Paul Mescal mullet or Justin Timberlake’s pompadour – anything that doesn't fall past the nape of your neck or fully over your ears but is longer than a traditional short haircut. In short, around 2 to 4 inches in length.

Depending on the hairstyle and hair type, medium-length hair can take a bit of effort to care for and style, but it offers a wide range of options for different looks.

Trending Medium Haircuts for Men

As we've already touched on, mullets have made a comeback. Whether you love or hate them, they're definitely a trending medium-length haircut for men right now. Jacob Elordi is the latest celebrity to rock the look, but with a modern twist – keeping the sides shorter.

Another popular trend is messy, textured shag haircutsThese are great for men with naturally wavy or curly hair, as the added layers and choppy ends add movement and definition to the hair. A barber can help shape the layers to suit your face shape and hair type.

An undercut with medium-length hair on top is also a stylish option. This cut involves shaving the sides and back of the head, leaving longer hair on top to style as desired. Slicking it back with a styling compound or gel creates a sleek and sophisticated look while leaving it messy and tousled gives off a more casual vibe.

The Best Styling Products for Medium-Length Hair

Since you can play around with different hairstyles for medium-length hair, having a core set of styling products on hand is essential.

Our go-to is a sea salt spray. A sea salt spray adds texture and volume to your hair by mimicking the effects of salty ocean water. It's perfect for achieving a tousled, beachy look or adding grip and hold to more structured styles.

Our Marine Mist spray is formulated with Unrefined Atlantic Sea Salt, which creates that lived-in, effortless look. Simply spray onto damp hair and scrunch with your fingers.

A styling compound will help with holding your hair in place and adding volume if your hair tends to fall flat. Look for products with a matte finish so your hair won't look greasy or shiny.

Our Hybrid Hair combines hair wax with a clay-like consistency, using Organic British Beeswax and Icelandic Bentonite Clay to give your hair a natural, matte finish and all-day hold and nourish it at the same time.

Who Does Medium Hair Look Best On?

Men with more round face shapes, like oval and oblong, tend to look best with medium-length hair. This is because the added length helps to elongate the face and balance out its proportions by creating the illusion of height. 

Additionally, men with curly or wavy hair can also benefit from medium-length cuts as they allow for more natural movement and texture.

This length will also work well if you have slightly coarser and thicker hair, as your hairstyle will hold its shape and volume better.

What is Considered Long Hair for Men?

Long hair for men is anything longer than the medium-length cut. Typically, this means hair that extends past the shoulders and chin, reaching as far as the chest or even longer.

It can take a good couple of years to grow hair to this length for most men, but it's worth the wait if you're looking to make a statement with your hairstyle.

Cool Long Hairstyles for Men

Long hair can definitely look great on men. We're sure that Jason Mamoa is the first celebrity that comes to mind when you think of long hair on men. But even the likes of A$AP Rocky, Adam Driver, Travis Scott, and Brad Pitt have rocked the longer length.

A simple slick back, a messy bun, or a braided style can instantly elevate your look and give you that effortless cool vibe.

Having layers cut into your long hair can also help add dimension and movement to the style. This is especially helpful for men with thick or curly hair, as it can prevent the hair from looking too heavy and weighed down.

Does Long Hair Suit All Men?

While long hair may not be for everyone, it can definitely suit a wide variety of men, especially those with confidence and a great sense of personal style. 

In terms of face shape and features, long hair can often soften angular features and add a more youthful look for men with sharper jawlines. It can also add balance to longer face shapes or rounder faces.

Hair on the coarser side will hold its shape better in longer styles, making it easier to maintain and style on a daily basis. However, men with finer hair can still pull off longer styles by using product to add volume.

long curly hair
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Experimenting with different hair lengths and styles is a great way to find what makes you look and feel your best. Style your hair differently than usual, or book into your barber's chair and ask for something new, using our styling ideas as your inspiration.

Our blog is full of more helpful tips and tricks for men's grooming, including how to look after your locks and insights on our revolutionary men's hair care collection. Be sure to check out our other articles and stay tuned for more grooming advice.


What Do Haircut Numbers Mean?

Hair numbers or grades refer to the size clipper guards used to cut your hair. The lower the number, the shorter the haircut will be. Read more about haircut numbers in our latest blog post.

How Long Should My Hair Be?

This is subjective and depends on personal preference. You can take into account factors like face shape, hair type, and lifestyle when deciding on the length of your hair, but ultimately, it should be a length that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

What Hair Length is Most Attractive on a Guy?

Again, this is subjective and can vary depending on personal taste. A lot of men opt for short and medium-length haircuts as they are low maintenance and can be styled in different ways. 

Caeser cuts and textured crops are popular choices for a clean and polished look, while longer hairstyles like the iconic man bun or messy bedhead can give off a more casual and effortless vibe.

Does Long Hair Make Men Look Older?

Not always. It really depends on the individual's features and how they style their long hair. Some men may look more mature with longer hair, while others may appear more youthful. It's all about finding the right length and style that suits your face shape and personal aesthetic.

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