How to Style Men’s Medium-Length Hair When You're in a Rush

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We all have those days when we hit the snooze button one too many times and end up rushing out the door with barely enough time to spend on our hair.

But just because you're in a hurry doesn't mean your hair has to suffer. With the right products and techniques, styling medium-length hair can be quick and effortless.

The good thing is that having medium-length hair allows for a variety of styles – and not all of them require you to spend hours in front of the mirror.

If you're looking for some quick and easy hairstyles for men with medium-length hair, we've got plenty of ideas for you.

What to Use to Style Men's Medium-Length Hair

Our core styling products and tools include:

  • Styling compound

  • Sea salt spray

  • Blow dryer

  • Diffuser

  • Straighteners

Medium-Length Curly Hairstyles

If you have naturally curly hair that falls into the medium-length category, consider yourself lucky.

Curly hair tends to have a lot of body and volume, so you won't need to focus as much on adding lift or texture. Instead, work on defining your curls and making sure they're well-hydrated.

That being said, you can also create curls in your medium-length hair, even if it's naturally straight, and it doesn't take much effort.

Some of our favourite medium-length curly hairstyles include...

#1 Messy Bedhead

Credit: @calvinklein

Why not just work with the hair you've just woken up with? A bedhead-type hairstyle is great for medium-length curly hair because it embraces the natural texture and movement of your curls, and you don't have to worry about being precise or perfect.

Dampen your hair with a spritzer bottle, and then add some sea salt spray. Scrunch your hair to encourage the curls and let it air dry – or, you can diffuse it if you have enough time.

Our Marine Mist is excellent for this style as it gives your hair body and volume while also providing hydration to keep your curls looking healthy and defined.

We've included some of the finest natural ingredients, such as Unrefined Atlantic Sea Salt and Pro Vitamin B5, to help enhance the texture and shape of your curls.

#2 Side-Parted Curls

A side part is good for creating a slightly more professional or polished look , so keep this one in your back pocket for when you're running late to work or have a last-minute event to attend.

A bit like the bedhead style, start by scrunching your hair with sea salt spray, making sure to work your fingers through the roots to add volume.

Before diffusing your hair, create a side part with your fingers and scrunch the hair in that direction. This will help give your curls a more defined shape on one side.

Then, diffuse dry your hair on low heat, scrunching and lifting the curls as you go and making sure to dry in the direction of your part. This will help ‘set’ the curls in place.

#3 Surfer Curls

Credit: @gavincasalegno

We've mentioned the surfer style a few times here on our blog, and that's because we think it's a great versatile hairstyle. It embodies the carefree, beachy vibes and can be achieved with just a few products and some easy techniques.

Again, sea salt spray will be your best mate for this style. Begin by spritzing some onto damp hair, scrunching it in and twisting small sections of your hair with your fingers to create texture.

Then, diffuse your hair, tipping your head upside down as you do so and tousling as you go to enhance the waves.

#4 Curly Curtains

Despite their reputation, curtain bangs can actually work for curly hair, too.

Split your hair into a middle part and lightly mist your bangs with water. Then, use a small amount of styling compound to define your curls and let them fall naturally onto either side of your face.

Our Hybrid Hair compound is a great product to have on hand for this style. The lightweight formula has the properties of clay and wax, combining the two to create a strong hold without weighing down your curls. Plus, the Icelandic Bentonite Clay and Organic British Beeswax work to keep your hair healthy and nourished.

Medium-Length Straight Hairstyles

Straight hair is just as versatile and easy to style as curly hair. Most men with straight hair won't find that frizz is an issue, so you might want to focus your hairstyles more on adding volume and texture.

If you're tight for time, try out these quick and easy medium-length straight hairstyles:

#1 Slicked Back

Credit: @justjared

A simple slicked-back hairstyle is always a failsafe option. All you'll need is a pomade or styling compound, like Hybrid Hair, and a comb to achieve this classic look.

Start by applying the product to towel-dried or dry hair, working it through from root to tip. Then, use your comb to slick back your hair, starting at the front of your head and moving towards the back. You can leave your hair to air dry or use a blow dryer for extra hold.

#2 Deep Side Part

If you have a lot of length on top or a fringe, a deep side part is a quick and easy way to add some volume to your medium-length straight hair.

Simply part your hair on one side in line with the arch of your eyebrow and sweep the longer side over, using a compound for hold.

#3 Light Texture

Adding a little bit of texture to your hair on top is a great way to give it some dimension and create a tousled look.

This one works particularly well with fade haircut styles, where the sides are shorter and the top is left longer.

Get your hair wet in the shower or by using a spray bottle, then apply a few spritzes of sea salt spray and use your fingers to scrunch and tousle the hair. Use your fingers as a comb to create a messy, textured look.

You can use a diffuser to dry your hair quicker and define the texture even more, or just leave your barnet to air dry if you don't have the time.

#4 Messy Quiff

Credit: @maddenrichard

Another one for if you have shorter sides and a longer top – a messy quiff is a perfect quick and easy style to give your hair some personality.

You also don't have to worry too much about trying to flatten and tame your hair after waking up, as the messy look is part of the charm.

Use a styling compound and run it through the top length of your hair, pushing it up and back to create some height. You can focus more of the product on specific sections to create a more dishevelled or piecey look.

Conclusion: Perfect Your Medium Length Hairstyles With Salt Grooming

Try your hand at these medium-length hairstyles when you're pressed for time, and you'll never have a bad hair day again.

With a couple of versatile styling hair products and handy tools, you can easily achieve a more put-together look in minutes, and nobody will be none the wiser that you just rolled out of bed.

If you want even more styling advice and inspiration, head over to the rest of our blog and explore our carefully curated grooming tips.


What's Considered Medium-Length Men's Hair?

Men's medium hair is usually defined as anything between 2 to 4 inches in length. It's long enough to have some volume and texture, but not too long that it requires a lot of maintenance.

How Often Should Men Cut Medium-Length Hair?

Every 6 weeks is generally considered the ideal amount of time between haircuts for medium-length men's hair. This will help keep your hair looking its best and prevent it from getting too long or unruly.

But you'll also want to think about the haircut you have and if it'll need to be maintained more often. For example, faded or tapered sides may need to be buzzed every 3 weeks.

How Do Men Deal With Medium-Length Hair?

Having a good haircare routine in place will make dealing with medium-length hair much easier.

Wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner at least two to three times a week, use products that nourish and moisturise your hair, and keep up with your barber appointments. Regular trims will help keep your hair healthy and manageable.

How Do You Style Men's Medium-Length Thick Hair?

Work with the thick texture of your hair rather than against it. Use a lightweight styling product to add shape and definition, and avoid heavy products that can weigh your hair down. A classic men's hairstyle for medium-length thick hair is the quiff, which involves lifting and styling the hair at the front of your head.

You can also try a swept-back look, which involves using a comb or your fingers to push your hair back from your forehead.

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